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Baked Whole Chicken in Montreal Spices with Purple Potato

Baked Whole Chicken is a simple and healthy meal for anyone.All I need to do is rub the whole chicken with Montreal chicken rub spices for overnight and then bake in the oven the next day..Easy ,right? You can get Montreal chicken spices rub in BJ's or Costco wholesale store or any supermarket.Beside the whole chicken,I tossed in some purple potato and onion.This purple potato look so purplish and soft..


1 whole chicken,cleaned about 5 lbs

3 tbsp or more Montreal Chicken rub spices ( BJ's or Costco wholesale or any supermarket)

3 tbsp olive oil

3-4 purple potatoes or mix with regular potatoes,washed and cut 1/2 each

2-3 small onion,peeled and cut 1/4 each

1 bottle butter spray


1:Remove giblets or any feathers from whole chicken.Combine Montreal spices and olive oil in a small bowl,mix well.Prepare a large baking dish,place whole chicken on it.Rub Montreal spices all over the whole chicken.Cover the whole chicken with aluminum foil and shaft in the fridge for overnight.

2:Pre-heat oven at 390 F.Place cut potatoes and onion on the side of the whole chicken.Spray whole chicken with butter spray and then cover again with aluminum foil before place in the oven.

3:Bake whole chicken for 90 minutes.Remove the aluminum cover and change the setting to grill .Grill for another 10 minutes.

4:Remove whole chicken from oven.Cut and serve warm with potato and onion.



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