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Baby Spinach with Grapefruit and Sunburst Tomato Salad

These days making your own salad at home is as easy as ABC.For your convenience ,you can get ready cleaned and washed lettuce,tomato or your favorite fruits at any supermarket counter.Just toss everything in your plate and drizzle with your favorite dressing and you can have a priceless salad in less in 10 minutes!! Viola!!


1 pack of baby spinach(8 oz)
1 punnet of Sunburst tomato,washed and cut 1/2
1 large grapefruit,removed skin and cut small
1 cup 3 shredded cheese

apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper

3 portion salad


1:Wash and cut everything in a large salad bowl.Divided the salad to 3 salad plates.Sprinkle some shredded cheese on op before drizzle your favorite dressing on your salad.
2:Serve chill immediately.



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