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Baked Baby Back Ribs and Cheesy Potato

All this while I never buy baby back ribs for cooking but do enjoy bar-bar-Q baby ribs in the restaurant. Honestly I prefer baby back ribs than spare ribs. Of course spare ribs price is cheaper than baby ribs by :100%! All the time I thought baby ribs are from "babies pig"!! Recently found out that Baby backs do not come from baby pigs! They are called "babies" because they are shorter than spare ribs. Back ribs are attached to the spine on one end and to the spare ribs on the other. They contain 8-14 bones per slab, and are less fatty than spares. A typical full slab has 11-13 bones. The slab is tapered at one end, with the shortest bones only about 3" and the longest about 6". Because they weigh less than spare ribs, they cook faster. Well,while shopping at BJ's wholesale store,saw baby ribs was on sale at $2.99 per pound and grab a pack which have 3 slabs of ribs..Hubby love bbq or smoke rib,but for me I like to bake ribs in oven because it's no hassle and easy!

I rack/slab baby ribs
1/4 cupHickory Mesquite rubs
4 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp sea salt
some BBQ sauce for brushing

Mashed Potato-1 pack,6 oz
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
3 tbsp Parmesan cheese

1:Prepare a clean rack of rib,with a knife, cut a small slit through the silvery membrane at 1 end of the rack. Using a paper towel, grip the cut portion of the membrane, gently peel it from the rack, and discard.
2:Combine sugar,salt and Hickory Mesquite rubs in a bowl.Rub mixture on both sides of each rack. Place ribs on a aluminum foil in rimmed baking sheet, cover, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (or overnight).
3:Preheat oven at 375 F to bake setting.Place rubbed rib in the oven middle rack on baking tray and cook for 30 minutes each side until meat tender
4:Brush both sides of ribs with the bbq sauce,then turn the oven setting to broil.Cook rib for another 5-10 minutes until glistening and deep mahogany color
5:Remove rib from oven and let it stand for 5-10 minutes before cut and serve warm with side dishes.

Cook mashed potato accordingly to the packet instruction,when ready cooked ,add in cheddar and Parmesan cheese into it before serve warm with baby ribs.


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Hi!! My name is Lesley and I'm a simple SAHM(stay at home mom) who currantly live in Long Island,New York with my daughter Mishu and hubby Eliot .I'm Malaysian who live in US and A for many many moon and I'm also a person who love to eat, cook and bake. If you have any suggestions ,questions or comments please feel free to email me at beachlover1917(at)yahoo(dot)com. To know more about my life or my kitchen you can always hop over to my other 2 blog.