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Cheese Bun/Bread

As always I admire and impress with Mat Gebu skill and photography of making bread,cake and main course.This time I adapted one of his Cheese Bun recipe to suit me.Mat Gebu is a very talented cook and baker.Recently I bought a new bread maker and would like to take this opportunity to make this soft and cheesy bun. Here I would like to share his recipe with you..
Sweet dough:

480 gm bread flour
120 gm unbleached all purpose flour
110 gm granulated sugar
20 gm low fat milk powder
4 tsp instant active yeast
1 tsp bread improver *optional*

1 egg
300 ml water

60 gm unsalted butter

1 egg for brushing
2 cup grated shredder cheddar cheese for topping

Yield 2 x 9 inch round pan

1:For sweet dough,you can use hand or mixer.Combine (A) and mix well.Then combine (B),knead until into a smooth dough.
2:Combine (C) and continue to knead until gluten has developed and it can stretched into a very thin layer.(about 20-25 minutes)
3:Cover the dough with a piece of damp cloth or cling plastic wrap and leave to rise until it double in bulk on your kitchen counter or overnight.(my kitchen is cold so I leave it overnight)
4:When it's risen double , punch the dough down and knead again until smooth.

*Other Method Using Bread Maker*

1:Combine above ingredients or follow instruction on your BM: add water first ,yeast last..Then press Dough function,let's the BM knead the dough until the the "beep" go off,then it's ready !!
2:Divided the dough to 22 pieces same size or about 50 gm each dough,then roll to ball shape and arrange into a greased round pan.Repeat until dough finish.
3:Leave the ball shape dough in round pan wrapped with plastic cling to rise until doubles in bulk.
4: Preheat oven to 350F ,plus or minus depend on your oven..Glaze the top of dough with egg wash ,then sprinkle with shredded cheese before bake in the oven for 25-30 or until golden brown.
5: Remove from oven, serve warm.
Sweet dough for proofing
ready to bake after proofing overnight
ready to serve


About the Author:

Hi!! My name is Lesley and I'm a simple SAHM(stay at home mom) who currantly live in Long Island,New York with my daughter Mishu and hubby Eliot .I'm Malaysian who live in US and A for many many moon and I'm also a person who love to eat, cook and bake. If you have any suggestions ,questions or comments please feel free to email me at beachlover1917(at)yahoo(dot)com. To know more about my life or my kitchen you can always hop over to my other 2 blog.