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Ginger Cookie From Organica Deluxe

Recently I signed up Tastemaker Product Program from Foodbuzz .The Tastemaker Outreach Program send me a Ginger Cookie for me to sample.I almost forget about it until I received another email from our dear friend,Foodbuzz. So sorry for the delay, I'm been busy baking and baking for this coming holiday. My hubby love ginger cookie but I didn't bake any ginger cookie , so when he see the package arrived at our door step ,he quickly open and took a small bite before I can take a photo.
If you are not in baking mood and intend to send someone a holiday gift,Organica Deluxe is a place for your holiday shopping. So treat yourself or someone else to something extraordinary .Just one Organica Deluxe gift box supports sustainable manufacturers, organic farmers and community artisans round the globe.

Help move the planet forward towards sustainability and partner with Organica Deluxe. Up to 15 eco-friendly businesses can contribute to just one gift box. A gift given with care and created with care. You really can make a difference.
I like the flavor and texture of this cookies,soft and healthy.I understand all the ingredients used are all organic..Organic flour,organic sugar cane,organic,eggs,organic butter,organic cloves,organic ginger and organic molasses.

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