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Cream Cheese Raspberry Sundae

I made this dessert:Cream Cheese with Raspberry Sundae for our Thanksgiving .Hubby and Mishu loves it.This week I re-make this dessert again when I get some fresh raspberry since hubby and Mishu loves this dessert very much.This dessert is so easy and simple to make as long as you have three of the basic ingredients in hands.So refreshing and scrumptious delicious!!

1 pack cream cheese 8oz
1/2 gallon whipped cream (1892 ml)
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 punnet fresh raspberry,washed
Chocolate hot fudge *optional*
sugar sprinkle *optional*

1:Combine cream cheese and whipped cream in mixer,beat at high speed until stable and fluffy about 3 minutes.Add in sugar,beat for another 1 minute.*Do not over mixed*
2:Remove the cream cheese mixture into pipping bag.Pip the mixture into sundae glass.* approx 5 glasses*.Top with your favorite fruit :raspberry,blueberries,raspberries or strawberries.
3:Sprinkle with sugar sprinkle and drizzle with your favorite hot fudge .
Serve chills.



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Janie House said...
April 30, 2013 at 2:04 AM

I plan to make a homemade sundae with low-calorie sweeteners to make it lighter and a bit healthy. The cream cheese just sound really good. I love this, thanks for sharing!

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