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Steamed Tilapia with Basil and Sweet Red Pepper(Healthy Diet)

As I mentioned before in my previous post that hubby has lost 50 pound in less than 3 months by eating the right food and the right portion.He said he still want to lose more if possible.Actually, I also wanted to lose weight too but too bad I can't resist temptation NOT eating snack or other junk or fried food.One thing I really respect hubby is that he can have the same kind of food daily without fail no matter what day or time.Let's me brief you what type of diet he follow and the food he ate daily..Maybe I should called it Elliot's weight lost program !! lol!

He eat cold cut sandwich:2 pieces of whole meal bread,2 slices of cold cut turkey,1 slice cheese and plenty of lettuce with some mayo.

He eat 1 fruit: 1 apple or peach or plum..He said banana is consider 2 fruits or 1 tbsp peanut butter or 1 can of vegetable(boiled and removed water before add salt and butter)
He will have 1 cup of steamed rice(rice or brown),1 can of cooked green bean (14 1/2 oz)with some butter and salt and 4 0z of any meat or fish.(must measure or weight the amount)

I tried to cooked fish once a week for hubby .He will eat any type of boneless fish but I preferred tilapia or salmon because it's easy and simple to cook,no not need to crack my brain how to prepare the fish..So if you're plan to lose weight or want to have a healthy diet and think it's not possible to do so,don't believe the hype or waste money on all the weight lose program or diet pill out there..If you have the determination and dedication,it's will work out fine..Since hubby started diet he stop drinking beer and chowing down candies or dessert.Beside eating healthy he walk around the neighbor for 30 minutes when he have time(not daily).Eating right or healthy is not only saved $$ but it's also build his self esstem .Most of his co-worker and friends praised and encouraged him to keep going..So today, I steamed him a piece of tilapia wrapped in aluminum's just took me less than 30 minutes to prepared and cooked the fish!! Viola!! Hubby said he can eat this kind of fish daily!!


1 piece of boneless tilapia about 300 gm
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground black pepper
2 sprig Thai's basil,washed
2 sweet red pepper,sliced small


1:Prepared steamer with water at high heat.Prepare a piece of aluminum foil 12 x12,place the fish on it.Sprinkle salt and ground black pepper over the fish.

2:Place basil and sweet pepper under and on the top of fish.Carefully wrap the foil before place in the steamer when water rolling boil.

3:Stem for 15-20 minutes.Remove fish from steamer and serve warm with rice .



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