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Banana Cake

I have a bunch of over-ripe banana been sitting on the table for over a week but have no idea what to do with it anymore.I bought 2 bunch of banana on sale for $0.39 a pound..As usual my eyes is bigger then my tummy..The banana color change from pretty yellow color to black dot on the skin before turn to totally black on the whole skin.At last I decided to bake some banana cake .Finding for a good banana cake recipe is not easy..Mostly all the banana cake recipe out there used all purpose flour but I found a banana cake recipe that used cake flour !! This recipe not only use baking powder but baking soda as well..yea... I'm a sucker for cake flour when comes to baking cake! I would like to give the recipe a try since I never bake any banana cake using both baking agents..I adapted the recipe from LilyNg .I always admire her simple and easy method of cooking and baking. ..Instead of using bread pan I take this opportunity to use my new non-stick bundt pan.Too bad I spray too much butter on it bcoz I thought it's my first time using the pan,I afraid the pan won't release the cake easy .(knock my head now,didn't realise it's non-stick pan) I also omit using walnut or any nuts..Overall this banana cake is extra spongy and full with banana flavor!!

Adapted Recipe from here!!


200g cake flour

3/4 tsp baking powder

3/4 tsp baking soda

50g unsalted butter at room temperature

25ml corn oil

100g sugar

2 eggs lightly beaten

210g banana puree with 10ml lemon juice ( I just chopped up the banana since it's really mushy)

60ml milk

A pinch of salt

A drop of banana essence

60g walnuts (optional)


1:Sieve flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

2:Cream butter, corn oil and sugar till smooth and creamy.

3:Add in the lightly beaten eggs 1/4 at a time till well blended.

4:Add in the banana puree and the essence.

5:Add in the 1/3 of the sieved flour and half the milk. Repeat and end with the last third of the sieved flour..

6:Stir in the walnuts if you are using.

7:Bake in a lined loaf pan or 2 small lined loaf pans at a preheated oven of 350F for 45 - 60 minutes .(I used non-stick bundt pan)

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Paper Lined Sponge Cupcake

We both( Mishu and I)love paper-lined sponge cake that sold in any Chinese bakery due to the reason it's have soft,smooth and moist texture.I'm was searching for paper-lined spongy cake recipe online but most of the recipe need cake emulsifier or it's called as ovalette. At last I found one recipe online that no ovalette needed..Of course without cake emulsifier the texture of the cake is slightly different but it's still not bad at all..You must wonder what is cake emulsifier ,right? You can check the information HERE!!
Well ,it's hard for us who live in Western world to get cake emulsifier at retail store..unless you own your bakery store or a professional baker who can purchase large quantity of this product from suppliers.Anyway,I found this recipe without using cake emulsifiers HERE! The method of making this cake is similar with chiffon cake.If you know how to bake chiffon cake,baking this paper-lined cake is as easy as ABC!



5 egg yolk

50 gm sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla essence


5 egg white

50 gm sugar

1 tsp cream of tartar


100 gm cake flour

20 gm corn flour

1 tsp baking powder


60 ml milk

50 gm melted butter


1:Prepare 8- 10 pieces of 8 oz paper cup with parchment paper.Pre-heat oven to 350 F.

Sieve ingredients (C) together in a clean bowl.

2:Beat (B) in mixer at high speed until stiff peak and glossy.

3:Meanwhile beat (A) together until well combined.Stir in melted butter and milk in the yolk mixture.Then fold in (C) into egg yolk mixture.

4:Fold 1/-2 of white egg gently into the yolk mixture .(Do not beat or whisk ) Then fold the remaining egg white into the yolk mixture.

5: Scoop the batter into the prepared paper cup till 3/4 full.Bake for 25-30 minutes or until the toothpick insert comes out clean.

6:Remove cake from the paper cup to wire rack.Allow the cake to cool completely before serve.

prepare paper cup with parchment paper
yolk mixture
egg white mixture
batter in paper cup ready to bake

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Matcha Cupcake (Green Tea)

It's been awhile I bake some cupcake. I still have plenty of matcha powder(green tea) sitting around my pantry.Green tea powder is thought to be one of the healthiest forms of green tea since you're consuming the whole tea leaf rather than just the liquid extracted from the leaves.Measurements of green tea powder's antioxidant capacity has been shown to be many times higher than the antioxidant activity of such antioxidant rich foods as blueberries and chocolate. There is plenty of green tea cake recipe out there but I just use one of my regular cake recipe and modify it to suit my taste.Regardless, a green tea cake makes a wonderful dessert for snack time! Enjoy!


1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 cup cake flour

1 tsp baking powder

3 eggs,room temperature

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 stick unsalted butter

100 ml milk

1 tbsp matcha powder


1:Preheat oven to 350 F.Prepare 12 muffin pan with paper liner or cupcake paper.
2:Sieve flour ,baking and cake flour together in a medium bowl,set aside.Beat egg in mixer at medium high speed until frosty,add in butter and sugar.Whisk together until fluffy light.
3:Reduce speed to low ,add in flour mixture,milk and match powder until incorporated.
4:Scoop batter 2/3 full into muffin cup and bake for 25 minutes or until the toothpick insert comes out clean.
5:Cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes before serve with tea or coffee.

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Creamy Seafood Penna

Whenever we visit our local favorite Italian restaurant,hubby always order their Penna Supreme..It's taste really good because the sauce is really luscious creamy and fragrant with cheese. I try to imitate their cooking but I think my recipe still lack of something which I have no idea what it's..Anyway,I create my own recipe which is almost similar ..Hubby gave a thumb up ,said it's almost as good as the one sold at the restaurant!! This Creamy Penna is really delightful, scrumptious and tasty!!

1/2 box Penna
4-5 fillet tilapia,sliced
15 shrimp ,shelled and deveined
1 pc boneless chicken breast,cut small cube

Creamy sauce:
5-6 cloves,garlic,peeled and sliced
3 tbsp olive oil
2 cup or more heavy cream or whole milk
1 can tomato puree,400 ml
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
1 tbsp ground black pepper
salt to taste
handful cut cilantro

1:Boil water in large stock pot to cook pasta/Penna.When water rolling boil add in pasta and salt,cook accordingly to the instruction on the package.Drained cooked pasta before add in butter and set aside.
2:Heat large skillet with olive oil and garlic at medium high heat,fry garlic until lightly brown,then add in tomato puree,heavy cream,grated Parmesan cheese,ground pepper,salt and chicken bouillon powder.
3:When the sauce bubbly boil ,add in chicken cube,fish and shrimp.Stir all the ingredients in the sauce for 5 minutes or until cooked.Then stir in cooked Penna.Mix well with spatula..If the sauce is too dry ,add in extra cream or milk..
4:Dish out ,sprinkle with cut cilantro and serve warm..

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