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Baked Cheesy Potato Spam Pie

Recently I bought a 6 inch pie pan and decide to bake something with it.I have plenty of potato sitting around and decided to make Baked Potato pie in this new pan.I also have a piece of leftover pie dough from making Portuguese-egg-tart custard. This pie dough is really awesome,crispy and flaky not to said the filling is creamy and tasty!!

450 gm all purpose flour
100 gm unsalted butter
150 ml water
1 tbsp shortening
250 gm unsalted cold butter
Yeild 2- 3 pieces pie dough

Filling Ingredients: (B)
5-6 average size potato,peeled,diced and boiled
5-6 strip slightly cooked bacon,crushed
1/2 can Spam,diced
2 onion,peeled and diced
4-5 tbsp mayo
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp ground pepper
1 /2 cup or more shredded Cheddar cheese
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese,diced


1:Combine (A) ingredients together except cold butter.Knead into smooth dough with hand or mixer.Shape dough into a ball and cover or wrap with saran wrap for 10 minutes.
2:Cut cold butter into cube size,set aside.Then use rolling pin to roll out the dough in square size,place cold butter on the dough before fold into 3 layers and roll out again twice.Wrap with saran wrap and refrigerate until cold or 1 hour.
3:Remove dough from saran wrap and roll with rolling pin .Place dough into pie pan and cut the excess dough away,then use beans to weight the dough down nicely for 30 minutes or longer.
4:Pre-heat oven to 350 F.Combine ingredients (B) in a mixing bowl except cheese,mix well.Then pour ingredients (B) into prepare pie pan,sprinkle both cheese on top .Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown on the top.
5:Remove pie from oven,cool for 5 minutes before serve warm.

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Chicken Tender with Peter Lugar's Steak Sauce

Peter Lugar Steak House is a famous steak restaurant in NY.Peter Luger has been named the best steakhouse in New York City by Zagat Survey for 24 years in a row. Beside Zagat this established restaurant had positive review from New York Times,Fortune,Savour,Gourmet,Travel magazine and etc..I recalled 10 years ago when I visited this restaurant(Brooklyn location) ,I was surprised, almost all the waiter and furniture are as old as my grandfather !! or maybe older!! I understand it's not easy to get reservation on weekend or holiday.Some people told me they had to make their reservation 2 months a head of time. Luckily these days our local grocery store carries their steak sauce in the meat department.I like the sauce because the taste is somewhere between cocktail sauce .It's taste spicy with horseradish and traditional steak sauce which being a rich brown color. The sauce is fat-free. Unfortunately I don't eat steak,so I used this sauce with chicken tender.

2 lbs chicken tender
1 tbsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp sea salt
1 pack pre-washed spinach
2 large onion,peeled and sliced
5-6 tbsp or more Peter Lugar sauce
2 tbsp olive oil
some cherry tomato for garnishing


1:Rub chicken tender with salt and pepper for 1 hour or longer.Heat large skillet with olive oil at medium heat.
2:Place chicken tender on skillet,pan-fry for 5 minutes or until cooked with golden brown.*Cover with lid for faster cooking*.While the chicken is cooking add in sliced onion on the side of the skillet,stir onion until lightly brown or fragrant.
3:Meanwhile grab a bunch of clean spinach ,microwave for 1-2 minutes.Place cooked spinach on a serving plate.
4:Add in Peter Lugar's sauce on the chicken and onion,mix the sauce well with chicken and onion before dish out to a plate.Garnish with tomato and serve warm.

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Portuguese Egg Tart/Custart (Pastéis de nata) 蛋挞

I been dying to experiment how to make and bake Portuguese Egg Tart from scratch for awhile..I have many Egg Tart recipe in my baking book but I still prefer Chinese style Egg Tart from Chinese bakery in Chinatown.Whenever I visit Chinatown in NYC I must drop in at taipan-bakery to get their Portuguese Egg Custard.Well , travel to NYC from home is not easy especially the distant and traffic.Furthermore Mishu is going to school 6 days a week,so time is an issue too.At last I decided to try Portuguese Egg Tart recipe from Patsie Cheong in her cookbook called "31 Snacks for Asian Cuisine Lovers" but adjust the recipe slightly to suit my taste.I used both size mini and regular egg tart pan. The crust of the tart is really flaky and crispy not to said the custard is creamy and cheesy too!!

450 gm all purpose flour
100 gm unsalted butter
150 ml water
1 tbsp shortening
250 gm unsalted cold butter

Filling (B)
150 gm sugar
125 ml water
*boil and leave to cool*

4 eggs
100 ml milk
1 cup shredder Cheddar cheese
3 tbsp custard powder


1:Combine (A) ingredients together except cold butter.Knead into smooth dough with hand or mixer.Shape dough into a ball and cover or wrap with saran wrap for 10 minutes.
2:Cut cold butter into cube size,set aside.Then use rolling pin to roll out the dough in square size,place cold butter on the dough before fold into 3 layers and roll out again twice.Wrap with saran wrap and refrigerate until cold or 1 hour.
3:Meantime combine filling B into a medium stockpot at medium heat.Cook and leave to cool.When (B) cool down use spatula or whisker to mix with (C),set aside.
4:Remove dough from saran wrap and roll with rolling pin thinly.Use round cookies or donut cutter to cut out the dough before place into mini tart tin or pan or mould.
5:Pre-heat oven to 350 F.Pour custard filling into prepared tart mould till 3/4 full at rim.Bake at for 25 minutes or until the custard cooked.(slightly brownish on the top)
bigger size egg custard
mini size tart crust in mould
regular egg tart dough in mould with custard filling
in oven

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Creamy Strawberry Swiss Roll

It's been a while since I bake any cake. Recently I bought again few different kind and shape of baking pan .I plan to bake something simple and easy with the new baking pan.At last I decided to choose a Swiss Roll recipe from Agnes Chang "I Can Bake"..These days strawberry is pretty cheap due to the prices have dropped so low .Farmers in Florida was destroying the good and bountiful strawberry because it seems cheaper to let the fruit spoil than ship it to market.You must wonder why,right? You can read the news HERE!!
Well instead of using plain flour I replaced with cake flour.In another words I alter her recipe slightly to suit my taste.Actually this is my second time making Swiss roll.My 1st attempted Swiss roll I used butter but this recipe no butter needed!! The down side is I forget to trim off the crusty edge before roll up.Overall this Swiss roll texture and taste is really great.It's smooth ,soft and moisture!!


150 gm cake flour,sifted
4 eggs
100 gm granulated sugar
2 drops of Grenadine or red syrup
1/2 tsp strawberry essence *optional*

Strawberry filling:
2 cup whipping cream + 1/2 cup sugar
1 cup fresh strawberry,diced

pix #1


1:Pre-heat oven to 325 F.Prepared line the base of 30X30 cm or 12 x 12 pan with parchment paper.(I used 10x8 pan)
2:Whisk eggs in mixer until frothy,add in sugar slowly and beat till thick stiff peaks form.
3:Add in essence and coloring,beat until well combined.Slowly add in flour and fold into the mixture .
4:Pour mixture into the prepared pan and bake for 10 minutes or until cooked and springy.Removed cake from oven,trim the crusty edges and place a same size parchment paper on the table before turn the cake on to it ,the let it cool before spreading the filling.
5:Meanwhile,whisk whipping cream until form stiff peak form.Wash and cut fresh strawberry,set aside.
6:Spread cream all over the sponge cake evenly before sprinkle with cut strawberry.Remove the parchment paper and carefully roll up the cake tightly.Use saran wrap to wrap the roll up cake before store in fridge for 2 hours.
7:Cut cake and serve chill.
pix#2 ;baked sponge bake
pix #2 ;fresh strawberry
pix#3 ;whipping cream
pix #4: whipping cream spread on the cake
pix#6: sprinkle fresh strawberry on the cake
pix#7: roll the cake up before wrap with saran wrapper and store in fridge.

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Corn Bread

Hubby loves corn bread but I never try to bake one until now.Recently I bought a baking book and would like to try the recipe but unfortunately he said the corn bread I baked taste different from his mom.Well,I dunno what goes wrong but I think maybe I used different kind of corn meal or maybe I adjusted the recipe in the book.Anyway I think something is wrong with the recipe coz it's dough is too dry in the beginning..because the mixture is too dry then I added extra milk,butter and oil..well...maybe I should try to bake corn bread again if I can find a good corn bread recipe soon..


1 cup self raising flour,sieve
1 cup corn meal
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup oil
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 egg
1 tsp salt
100 ml milk

1:Preheat oven to 400 F.Grease the pan or mould with some oil.
Whisk egg, butter,oil and buttermilk together until combine.
2:Then add in milk, corn meal ,flour and salt.Mix all ingredients together well.Do not over beat or mixed.
3:Scoop the batter into the mould or pan .Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
4:Remove from oven and serve warm with butter.

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Bread Machine:Basic Italian Bread

I always love cotton soft and moist Italian bread but to get a good Italian bread recipe is not easy. I "google" and search for Italian bread recipe and decided to try Emeril Lagasse Italian recipe after reading the positive reviews.The out come is not bad at all but the texture is still not as soft as cotton that I used to enjoy at my favourite Italian restaurant.I think the measurement for the salt is not really right.Maybe it's should be 1 teaspoon not table spoon as the recipe stated coz it's really salty.I didn't used the hand kneading method instead use bread machine to do the work..Actually it's quite simple and easy..just dump everything into the machine and there you go...

Recipe adapated from Emeril-lagasse basic-italian-bread-recipe

Ingredients :

2 cups water, lukewarm
1 3/4 ounces cake yeast (1/3 cup)
5 3/4 cups bread flour
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon salt (1 tsp)
1 egg white, lightly beaten
1 tbsp bread improver

For Brushing:
2 tablespoons or more sesame seeds
1 yolk+ 2 tbsp water for brushing

Yield 2 large loaf
1:Place all ingredients into BM pan in the order suggested by your bread machine cycle and process on the whole wheat bread cycle according to the manufacturer’s directions.
2:After kneading cycle finish,remove dough from BM pan. Roll the dough up tightly, sealing the seam well after each roll. The dough should be elongated and oval-shaped, with tapered and rounded (not pointed) ends.
3:Preheat the oven lined with a pizza stone(baking sheet ) to 425 degrees F. Alternately, an inverted baking sheet may be used in place of a pizza stone.
4:Allow the dough to proof, loosely covered with a damp towel, for 30 minutes, or until doubled in size. Brush the dough with the egg yolk and sprinkle the sesame seeds over the top. Using a razor blade or sharp knife, score 3 (1/4-inch deep) slashes across the top of the dough at a 45 degree angle.
5:Bake the dough for 45 minutes, or until a hollow thud is heard when the bread is whacked with the bowl of a wooden spoon. Allow the bread to cool slightly before serving.

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Quaker Oatmeal with Raisin and Dried Cranberry

Recently a friend told me to make oatmeal breakfast or lunch for Mishu when I told her Mishu is on diet under her doctor instruction.She told me consume oatmeal in daily basic will not only make her lost weight but she will have a healthy diet from the benefit of oatmeal.She herself has been eating oatmeal for month and lost a good amount of weight and have healthy mind and body.Oatmeal have plenty of nutrition benefit.Daily consumption of a bowl of oatmeal can lower blood cholesterol and may help reduce high blood pressure, due to its soluble fiber content. Well, as for Mishu she not really keen when I present her a bowl of oatmeal for her for breakfast.I think maybe she don't like the bland taste,so I added some dried cranberry and raisin plus some milk to make the oatmeal more tasteful and approachable.At last she try few spoon and but still she need to eat more healthy food like cereal or oatmeal then pasta,bread and rice which make her gained insignificant weight.

1 cup oatmeal,soak for 20-30 minutes (oatmeal have smoother texture)
3 cup water
1/2 cup whole milk
1/4 cup dried cranberry
1/4 raisin
2 tbsp honey


1:Heat water in medium stock pot at high heat.When water rolling boil add in soaked oatmeal,cook for 15-20 minutes.Reduce heat to medium.
2:Add in raisin,milk,dried cranberry and honey.Use spatula to mix ingredients until well combined.
3:Remove from heat and serve warm as breakfast or snack.

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About the Author:

Hi!! My name is Lesley and I'm a simple SAHM(stay at home mom) who currantly live in Long Island,New York with my daughter Mishu and hubby Eliot .I'm Malaysian who live in US and A for many many moon and I'm also a person who love to eat, cook and bake. If you have any suggestions ,questions or comments please feel free to email me at beachlover1917(at)yahoo(dot)com. To know more about my life or my kitchen you can always hop over to my other 2 blog.