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Kerabu Mango

Last week ,I plucked some mangoes from my mom own grow mangos trees.I used a long stick with nail to twist the mangoes stem from the tree.Too bad,some of the mango is high,high above the tree branch,so I really have to climb the tree like Curious George!!lol!!I plucked more than 20 mangoes!!..That was really good!! My mom suggested she want to make some Kerabu Mango for me to try....So here you goes.....
My mom mixed some crushed peanut and ready to serve..What a delicious kerabu mango I have since.....eeerrrhh...many moons ago!!
It's very easy to make accordingly to my mom. My mom shredded the fresh mango and seasoning with salt for an hour.She sliced bunga kantan,shallot and chili padi.Set aside.She fried anchovies and peanut,both need to be crushed coarsely.
Squeezed salt liquid from mango ,the add all the ingredients with some sugar to taste.Mixed crushed roasted peanut and fried anchovies together.Mixed well.Viola!!..Kerabu Mango is ready to eat!!
Actually,I thought the flavor of bunga kantan and anchovies taste like Fish sauce but it's not!!.It's taste much much better..I love bunga kantan flavor !!.Give it a try and you will never regret it.Sorry I didn't know what style is my mom kerabu but as long as it taste good,that all matter,right?

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Ju Hu Zhar (Shredded Jicama and Cuttlefish)

My mom bought 2 Grater and Slicer set from Penang.She gave one set to me.It's quite hard to find a good grater and slicer set no matter how much it's.Well,first of all,my mom would like to try out the grater sharpness.She ask me to help her to grate jicama (sengkuang in Malaya) and I find her grater set is really good!.Here you mom cook her Ju Hu Char..We eat it as snack...
I wrapped Boston Lettuce with Ju Hu Char
My mom homemade sambal's spicy sauce is a must for this dish!!
My second's really good!!
I add extra spicy sambal belacan to my wrap
My mom look high and low for Boston lettuce..Izzit Boston lettuce they called here??..She go to Sentul Pasar,Chow Kit Road Market and at last found this bunch of lettuce at Jinjang market..Said it's come from Thailand!!
This is what you need to complete this "Ju Hu Char"
Shredded Jicama,carrot,shitake mushroom,sliced pork and shredded cuttlefish...add in some salt to taste..
It's really easy dish to cook...just need all the right ingredients and there you go.....Since we have a very sharp grater,my mom want to make Kerabu Mango for me to try...stay tune for my mom kerabu mango!!
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Pork Zhong Zhi (Bamboo Leaf Dumpling)

Zong Zi is a glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.You are sure to be impressed with the delicacy of this snack, and with the faint scent of the leaves imprinted on the skin of the dumplings.Usually Zhong Zhi is celebrate on May 5th according to the Chinese lunar calendar.But my mom just make some dumpling for us to enjoy..... not May 5th yet!.
Look at the finish product!!.These Zhong is cooked and ready for us to enjoy.
The ingrendient .....Glutinous rice ,pork belly,shitake mushroom and salted duck yolk ..My mom can't find chestnut and lotus seed at last minutes.
Accordingly to my mom she use 3 kilo Glutinous rice and yield 55 pieces of Zhong Zhi.
Both these " Zhong" is my breakfast!!..
Going to boil this bunch of tightly wrapped Zhong Zhi
Ready cooked Pork Belly and Shitake Mushroom
Boiled and Clean bamboo
Seasoning Glutinous rice ....
I try my hands to wrap one "Zhong"....but it's doesn't look too good ..Well,I need more practise with plain rice before wrapped with all the ingredients..I'm going to try to make my own Zhong Zhi when I'm back to NY!!..
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Taro Cake(Woo Tau Koh)

My mom steamed Taro Cake 2 days ago .I have no idea that she is going to steam "Woo Tau Kor" for my Grandpa dead anniversary.Usually my mom don't need our help in her kitchen when she cook.When I woke up in the afternoon,she already have her Taro Cake done and ready for prayer!!.alamak!!.so "pai seh"*blushing*.....I really act like guest!!
Anyway,I help my mom to cut half of the cake .hmmmmm..the taro is really good!!
Did you see the dried shrimp?..Well,I didn't ask for her recipe but..... I will ....hahaha!!
Of course we can't finish the whole tray...My mom gave some away to her neighbour
I just taste a piece when I cut it.......what happen to the rest of my mom Taro cake??.Accordingly to my mom,nobody in her home eat taro cake,so she might as well give all away rather than go to trash later!!"'Ouch"! mom keep cooking this and that everyday!!..She just make some "zhong"(dumpling).Stay tune for my mom own wrapped "Zhong"!!
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Vegetable Achat

My mom make her famous nutty vegetable achat last week.Actually my first aunt gave us some of her achat during CNY but her achat is so watery and sour.Then my mom promised me that she going to make her own achat for me to try..Here is goes.......
Long bean,brinjal,cucumber,carrot and cabbage was cut and steam before squeeze the liquid out dry,set aside Fried peanut and sesame seed until brown and crush it roughly.My mom blended some fresh turmeric(kunyit),galangal (lengkus),lemongrass(serai),garlic(bawang putih),shallot(bawang kecil)dried long pepper,candle nuts(buak keras) and belacan as the paste.Add sugar and vinegar to the taste.
This is how it's look before spread with crush peanut and sesame seed.I like my achat taste nutty and tasty..My mom add plenty of crush peanut to make the sauce thicken and flavoured..I remember,I did buy achat in Malaysia restaurant in NYC years ago ,it's so watery and tasteless..I never attempt to buy again ever since....but after trying my mom 's achat,I quickly ask for her recipe..I'm going to make my own achat when I'm back in NY..
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Fried Buah Sukun (Breadfruit Fritters)

I didn't even know this fruit exist until my mom point it out to me.Every house at my mom Taman(Garden) have one Sukun tree at their front yard.The developer for the Taman grown Buah Sukun( Breadfruit Tree )for each house before they hand over their home to them.At first I thought it's Buah Nangka or Cempedak but after I take a good look at this fruit it's really look similar to Jackfruit but in smaller version .
Each Breadfruit weight about 2 kilos.The texture look similar to Nangka or Cempedak,right?
My mom make Breadfruit Fritters.I understand Sabahan love Buah Sukun.They used Buah Sukun as fermented wine.
It's taste really yam
My mom deep fried it with flour until crispy
It is actually consider tasteless, chewy and starchy fruit with the texture of soursop fruit. If you can imagine yourself eating white plain bread that is chewy and tangling between your teeth, that’s how the breadfruit taste and feel like.
This is how it's look in side .. The fruit is rounded shape between the size of kids football toy to original football size. The breadfruit don’t even some close to comparing with cempedak which is sweet, aromatic and soft
I guess not a lot of people know Malaysian Breadfruit exist!!..If you happen to visit Pasar Malam ,some vendor stall sell Fried Buah Sukun.Give it a try!! You won't regret it
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Homemade Lotus Mooncake

I request my aunt to teach me how to make Mooncake.My mom told me that my aunty make good and delicious mooncake.She sell some of her own mooncake during Mooncake festival.Due to time limit,my aunty use ready make lotus paste in package but she gave me her own make filling paste recipe.Said her own make filling paste is not too sweet compare with the ready made paste.
How it's look??.The shape is not really good and prettyI don't know how to control the balance of mold yet!.I request my aunt to get me a mooncake mold and some doll biscuit mold from Kedah.
Butterfly Doll Biscuit
Oinky Doll Biscuit
Waiting conventional oven in preheat period..I don't know how to use conventional oven to set the temperature and function mode.....I keep thinking that oven is microwave!!lol!!
There is two type of mold,plastic and wooden.It's only come with two as well,round and square.I choose the square mold with wood material
A pack of lotus paste is good for 8 pieces of mooncake.I wonder...eeerrhh... do US asian store sell any lotus paste like this?.Actually the ready pack lotus paste is not really too sweet,semi sweet which I like.
I weight each paste for each moon cake..I copy down all the recipes,the dough,filling and method but don't have the time yet to arrange in proper order.I will post again the proper recipe once I go back to NY.....Stay tune for more local delicatessen photo!!
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Fried Chiku

Some people called it Nigku and some people called it Chiku.My mom told me the bigger is called Chiku and the smaller one called Nigku.I remember last 10 years ago,nobody use Chiku as a snack for Chinese New Year delicacies.I would love to know who the person who invent this snack .Anyone ?. I bought 2 kilo of fresh Chiku at RM0.50 each kilo.My mom happily assist me in making this snack.
How it's look?
Storing in the container for my TV snack
I shredded the chiku as you can see,wash with salt water and let it dried before frying in the clean oil until golden brown.
My mom peeled the chiku for me to shred.
It's look like water chestnut,right?
My mom also grown some of this chiku as indoor and out door plant for display for every Chinese New Year.

I'm going to stew some of this chiku with meat .It's also a very famous Chinese Malaysian dish.Overall,fried chiku or ngiku is really easy and simply to make if you don't mind peeling and shredding..Viola!I have another new snack for me to snack when I'm back to NY!! Continue.....To...Read.....More...... Share/Bookmark

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