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My Mom's Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Fish Paste)

My mom make her own "Yong Tau Foo" from the scratch.She bought a whole "Gau Yee"but seeing that I do not know what it’s called in English.Any body know what the English name for "gau yee"?.My mom said it's not Ikan Parang ,it's the family of Ikan Tengerri.Well,but to me it's look like Ikan Parang (mackeral).Anyway,she debone the whole fish,took out the flesh and chopped the fish flesh to fish paste by hand with the back of her chopper.Later,she mixed the paste with salt and pepper.My mom said the secret of "Yong Tau Foo" the fish paste must be tender and bouncy!!
I love the bean paste sauce,sweet and tangy
The chili pepper is not spicy and hot enough for me but I love the tender and bouncy fish paste
The chili pepper in the wok frying.
My mom make 2 plates of "Yong Tau Foo" with a whole "Gau Yee"...I'm standing at her side taking photo and admiring my mom cooking.When I'm back to New York,I'm going to make my own "Yong Tau Foo'!!!Viola!!
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My Mom's Simple Dinner

My mom cook lunch and dinner everyday.I guess she cook everyday because of Mishu and me are here.I took several pix of her cooking but still didn't have the chance to post yet..Here are some of our simply dinner...
My mom scramble egg for Mishu..she love any eggs
Curry boneless chicken
Cook red bean with minced pork for Mishu

Mishu not feeling well,so my mom feed her egg..
My favourite sambal shrimp with okra(lady finger)
Stir fried okra ,still in wok..
My favourite fried Ikan Kembung(mackeral) with sambal belacan...this dish is a die for with white rice!!.. lack of ulam..
Ikan Kembong in wok..
Fish and seafood are fresh and cheap here..Stay tune for more of my mom cooking!!..
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My Mom's Steamed Egg Cake ( Kueh Nee Gor)

My mom make her own steamed egg cake for the 9th day of CNY(Pai Ting Gong).It's a must prayer for Hokkien people to give prayer to the God of Heaven.Usually my mom would make 5 steamed egg cake during this special day.My cousin and aunties requested my mom to make this special steam egg cake for them .They said the one they buy at the stall market don't use eggs instead they use baking powder and baking soda to replace eggs.Maybe it's cheaper in cost without eggs,right? I ,as a observer won't miss the chance to ask my mom for this special steam egg cake recipe.
Look at the texture...of "kueh nee goh"..freshly steam..look moist,right?
Another steam egg cake with different coloring
The whole steam egg cake.Chocolate Marble effect.
The red dot is purposely imprint for the prayer.
Still in the wok steaming


250gm flour

250gm rough sugar

5 extra XL egg or 7 Large egg

2 tbsp concentrated orange juice

2 tbsp 7-up or Sprite


1:Sieved the flour set aside.

2:Whisk eggs and sugar for 15 minutes at high speed.Add in 7-up and orange juice before adding flour.Reduce speed to low and immediately removed after all the flour blended well together.

3:Prepared boiling water in a large wok with cover.Scoop half the dough into a prepared parchment paper over a steam basket.

4:Mixed the other half dough with cocoa powder and swirl over the dough in the basket,marble effect as show below.


Steam for 30 mins at high heat.Do not open the cover while steaming.When adding flour while whisking,the speed must be reduced to low if not the cake is going to be heavy,rough and tough,won't be puffy and light.Or you can just mix the flour manually ,don't let it seat.Also take note that the heat must be high while steaming or else the cake won't come up nicely and puffy.

Good Luck and Happy Baking!!
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My Mom's Cockles Char Keoy Teow

My mom know I love cockles spicy "CKT" she bought a pck of fresh keow teow and cook this for me!!..My throth is killing me but I still don't care,eating all the spicy and hot foods like never eaten!!..hahaha!!..Yesterday I just visit pharmacy again,to get some painkiller and swallon medication for my throth!!..Can't escape from spicy foods!.
Look at the fresh cockles!!..My mom make her special sauce,she took her own creation sauce from the fridge everytime she cook fried noodles. I have to get the recipe from my mom before I go back to States.She said her special sauce ingrendients need to be cook first before storing.The chili bird is so spicy...I didn't know there's so many type of small chili avaliable here...When I was in market the vendor said where their small chili come from this and that places......I also blur blur....... beside that the price depand on the location too.My mom cooking "CKT" using chopstick,the fresh keow teow is really fresh and sticky....Hmmmm...I realise the fresh keow teow here is really soft and the texture is also "yauh"(nipis) delicious!!.Who won't eat cockles "CKT" even though he or she still not feeling well??..I 'm the one won't pass this chance!!Stay tune for more pix to come...Sorry the internet connection is acting up all the time because my mom's home area doesn't have the signal.I can only post when I have chance.

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I would like thanks, Little Corner of Mine for giving me 2 beautiful awards.I really appreciated her thought.It's always nice to received such a elegant and meaningful award.

I will always treasure and appreciated it.A quick note...The spell check doesn't work for me,I don't know it's the computer or the blogger site problem itself..I know I have plenty of mispell,so thousand apologize first.Harap maaf!!
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Spicy Black Pepper Noodle

My brother create his own recipe and menu for all those dishes.He cooked these dishes for our guest at home during first day of CNY.It's quite spicy and quite powerful of black pepper flavour.

Udon Noodle with dark meat chicken.
White Rice with Chicken ,Shitake Mushroom and Egg
Needle Noodle with Chicken and Shitake Mushroom

Yee Mein with green mustard,chicken ,mushroom,and egg.
I like the flavour ,just a bit too spicy.Sorry,I didn't ask his recipe..I just seat and enjoy the meal.
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I make this cookies before I left New York.Actually,this cookies is for hubby.I know he like cookies and he always buy at 7-11 store for black and white cookies.So,I figure I better bake him some homemade to store while I gone.I like this recipe and I alternate this recipe for multi flavour.
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup white sugar
1 cup butter or margarine,softened
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup of Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsel or Butterscotch
1 cup coconut flake
100 ml milk
1:Preheat oven to 375 F.Generously grease baking sheet;set aside
2:Combine flour,baking powder,baking soda and salt in a medium bowl.Beat butter and white sugar in a large mixer bowl until creamy.Beat in milk,eggs and vanilla.Gradually beat in flour mixture.Stir in morsels and coconut flaked and ..Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto prepared baking sheets.
3:Bake in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes or until edges are lightly browned.Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes,remove to wire racks to cool completely.

I love this receipe.You can use any dry ingredients to replaced chocolate morsel and butterscotch.I will try to post my latest cooking here once I download my camera software and pix.Enjoy!.

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