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Cinderella Cup Cake

I'm so busy now,preparing for my vacation trip to Asia.Sorry, I didn't update my Kitchen blog as usual.Anyway,here is Mishu's Birthday Cup Cake decoration.This is my second time decorate cupcake with icing.It's took me 2 hours to decorate 24 cupcakes.What happen if I open a bakery??.I'm sure customer will complaint left and right!!..Anyway,I told my neighbour who own a catering business that I make my own icing and after the number 10 cupcake,my hand was so painful from squeezing the piping.She told me that in winter ,I have to mix my icing with evaporated milk.But I told her I run my piping under hot water to melt the icing.That is not a good idea!.The weather outside was below 30F,of course, my icing getting hard so damn fast!!.In summer ,we can omit evaporated milk and use hard icing because it's melted so fast..It's good to know something about icing after I completed 24 cupcake in 2 hours!!hahaha!!
Cinderella topper stand on a green lawn.Cinderella is a plastic toy,not editable But all the writing and crown are editable.
I used Wilton's cake coloring.I try all the piping tip but now I forget what is the number on each tip.
The recipe for cupcake is HERE
As for the icing,I used 1 cup of butter,1 cup of cream cheese and 4 cup of sugar powder.

Everything on the cupcake is editable except Cinderella topper.If you're interested in making your own cup cake or cake for any occasion,visit Party City.Party City have plenty of cool and unique editable decoration icing.

What do you think of this amature baker decoration?.After I come back from my vacation,I might go to attend cake decoration classes.I still need to know the basic skill to decorate cake.Anyway,this is my last kitchen post from New York.I will see you all at the other side of the world.Please come back to visit me at my mom kitchen!!.Ciao!!
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Bak Kut Teh Soup

Remember this packet of Bak Kut Teh which I bought from Chinatown few weeks ago?..Yes,now I'm going to give you mine review..This brand of "BKT" taste nothing like "BKT" at all!!..In fact it taste like "Pat Chan"...I dunno,what the actual or English name for "Pat Chan" but I know woman drink it after they are "clean" from having period.I rarely drink "Pat Chan" because I hate that herb smell!!..So,this brand is suck!!.Of course, this is my personal opinion.But if you wanna to try it,go ahead...I still prefer Tean's "BKT"..

I cooked this "BKT"in crock pot overnight.I drink a bowl and Mishu only drink half bowl,so the rest go to trash..What a waste!!..
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Spicy Tuna Roll

I guess some of you're surprise why,I post almost everyday in my food blog lately.Actually I still have a bunch of food photos in the computer from last week.As you know I cook almost everyday.Now I try to post what I have in my computer before I leave for my vacation..If I didn't update my blog daily while I'm on my vacation,I hope you guys still come to visit me and look at my creation!!.Thank you,YOU first!!..You guys ROCK!!.
OK..Let go back to this topic...that right!! spicy tuna roll..I remember Little Corner of Mine told me she thought Spicy Tuna Roll is cooked food.Well,I guess since we loves spicy food,we can't really differentiate it..I used to work in Japanese restaurant in the city(NYC),so basically I watch how the chef prepare their fish..
You still can see the white vein in the spicy tuna roll,it's should removed completely.Sorry,I'm in hurry to make another different type of sushi roll for hubby.I mixed some of the roll with avocado and some are just plain spicy tuna.
Usually Japanese Chef prefer to make their roll "outside in"...That mean the nori outside and the rice roll inside with the filling but Chinese Chef prefer to make their roll" inside out"..The reason is to make the roll look BIGGER!!.The filling is still the same portion,just the rice make the roll look bigger.
Spicy Tuna ready to wrap with nori..It's really easy to make this filling...What you need is a Vietnamese chili sauce(you can get in any asian store),sesame oil,Japanese mayo (not regular mayo),olive oil (you can use regular cooking oil ) and tobiko or masago.But I don't have masago(fish egg)with me, so I omit it.Sliced in some scallion.I didn't measure the measurement, I just use few drizzle this and that..if you like more spicy,just squeeze more chili paste into it.
The most effective way to removed the vein is to use stainless spoon.Slowly use the spoon tip to remove the meat..Some chef just chopped it without removing the vein and some chef really care for their quality,so they use spoon to removed the tuna meat slowly on the chopping board.Did you ever heard ,Japanese food ,Tuna Tartar?..Yes....tuna tartar is sort off of spicy tuna but slight different..NO MAYO!!..I will show you how to make tuna tartar when I'm back from my vacation!!..I love both spicy tuna roll and spicy tuna tartar!!.Try to make at your own home if you happen to get fresh tuna.Enjoy!!
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Stewed Mirin Pork Ribs with Cinnamon and Anise Star

I bought a whole pack of Pork Rib from Meat Farm.I'm going to BBQ the ribs as usual.But when RITA suggested to me to cook hubby stew meat or pot roast and freeze it while I'm away.So hubby still can have home cooking meal,better than can food..I think it's good idea to cook him some homemade food and freeze it..So I used the pork rib that was intend for BBQ.Hubby said he like this dish taste and flavour..OK,next week I'm going to cook him pot roast and pork ribs.
I used some carrot which I bought 5 pound for 99 cents.Beside carrot I add in some red skin potato.
The meat is really buttery soft and tender after cooking 15 minutes in pressure cooker.
My pressure cooker is cooling down before I can open the lid.
I add in Cinnamon,anise star and garlic first with a little oil.Fry until fragrant,then add in mirin,soy sauce,sugar,sesame oil , salt and lastly pork rib.Cover the lid and cook for 15-20 minutes.
Here is the recipe come with Mirin.I like to use Mirin to stew meat..It's bring kind of sweetness and wonderful flavour in your meat.Within 20 minutes,you can have a Mirin Stew Ribs..Serve warm with white rice
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Spicy Chili Tilapia Fish

I still left plenty of homemade sambal in the fridge.I try to finish it before I go for my vacation.Anyway,2 days ago I cooked fish and chip for hubby.He only eat 2 pieces of the fried tilapia.All together, I fried 4 pieces of fish for him .Well,I almost forget I still have 2 breaded fish in the plastic container until today.I was out food shopping last 2 day and today again.I cleaned the fridge left and right to store Mishu 's party food as well..*sigh*..thinking of party make me tired..Anyway...look below!! many bowl of rice can you eat with this dish??
At Meat Market I bought a 5 pound of tomato for $0.99..So I cut 3 pieces tomato to cook this very very spicy fish.I also bought a 5 pound carrot for $0.99..Later on ,I will post what had I cook with those carrot..
As for the fish I pat with some salt and pepper,then coated with corn starch.Dipped into egg wash and lastly coated again with flour.Drained the oil with paper towel .I used 5-6 tsp of my homemade sambal HERE.yeah... that too much because my latest batch is very very spicy...a lots of dried small pepper.Anyway,I need to freeze the leftover sambal before I leave.
I add 2 tsp sugar,I/2 tsp and some water.Bring the sauce to boil then add in tomato and onion.If you have ready make sambal or sambal paste,your meal will ready within 10 minutes.Since the fish is cook,I just pour the sauce on top of it.Viola!!...Very Very spicy fish with Jasmine rice to serve!!..I eat 3 bowls of rice!!
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Delimas Curry Noodle Soup

I craving for spicy curry mee.Now it's really cold especially Jan winter weather is colder than December.A bowl of hot and spicy noodles are always welcome..Since I have plenty of curry paste stock up,it's really easy for me to cook a quick curry laksa....Look what I cook for myself here..... I add in fried bean curd,shredded chicken,shrimp,green mustard,hard boiled egg,Mee Hoon,yellow soft noodle and fried shallot.
Well for me,I like my curry laksa very spicy,so I add in 2 tsp my homemade spicy sambal in the curry broth...
I prepared all the ingredient in a deep plate and microwave for 2-3 minutes before scoop the curry broth into it.
Yes,I used Delimas Curry Laksa paste..All the instruction is on the packet.....Look it's said 15 minutes,you can have a bowl of curry laksa on the front cover!.
I extracted meat bone and shrimp shell juice to make my soup broth before add in the curry paste...
I eat the whole pot curry laksa in this broth for 3 days!!.For now my kitchen closed for curry laksa cooking !!..Will reopen after Spring time!!..But I will still post curry laksa from my family kitchen here:)
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Banana Chocolate Cup Cake with Cream Cheese Topping

I had 3 over riped banana hanging on my banana stand in my kitchen,hubby ask me to throw away.Why throw away??..It's perfect for baking,right??.Well,I better make some cake from this over ripped banana.How about some cupcake??.I want to practise icing decoration on the cake ,I bought few icing piping but don't have the chance to use yet.I used the recipe from my recent bought baking book.Of course ,I make some alternation:)
How it's look??..My first time doing icing piping.I still try to figure out which design is for which flower.
This is mini flute cake..The icing is overwhelm...too much cover the mini cake hubby said.
2 cups (300g) all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup( 200g) butter
1 cup (200g) sugar
2 large egg
2 cup (225g) mashed banana
4 tsp yogurt(I change to sour cream)
1 tsp finely grated lemon ( I replaced with chocolate)
1:Preheat the oven to 350F/180C.Prepare muffin cup in muffin pan.
2:Sift the flour,baking powder,baking soda and salt into a large bowl.Beat the butter and sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed until creamy.Add the eggs,one at a time,beating until just blended after each addition.With mixer at low speed,gradually beat in the banana,grated chocolate and dry ingredients,alternating with the sour cream
3:Spoon the batter into the prepare muffin pan.Bake for 55 minutes,or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean..But since I used muffin pan,I bake for 35 minutes instead.Cool the cake in the pan for 30 minutes or completely before decorate with icing.
This is how it's look inside the mini flute cake.I'm surprised it's really soft and moist,maybe it's the sour cream.
3 cups (300g) confectioners (sugar powder)
4 oz soften butter
8 oz cream cheese
Beat all above ingredient together.....and it look like this .....below....
I created this cream cheese icing together using my imagination..It's not bad...give it a try..I don't have to buy ready can icing anymore..Happy Baking!!
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Seafood Puff

I make this Seafood Puff on New Year Eve .This is one of the snack I bring over to our neighbour home for New Year countdown.I don't really have the proper recipe for this puff .We love seafood,so mostly the main ingredients are seafood..As usual,I use pie dough from the store.Since the pie dough is more convenient and cheaper than what I make,why not?..
How it look?.This is the finish product appearance..I brush with some egg before baking for 25 minutes at 350F.
I closed the edges with curry puff shape hence that some cheese still leaking our after intense heat from baking.If you can't close the edges with this shape,don't worried just use fork to close all the edges.It's still work.
I stuffed the seafood filling as much as I can but if you afraid it might leak and burst or can't close,just reduced the filling to your convenience .Baked the puffs on non-stick cookies sheet for 20-25 minutes. If you are using the regular baking sheet,make sure you grease it generously.
This is all the ingredients I mixed up for the filling.I don't really measure by cup or tsp.I mixed all the filling in a medium bowl for 2 sheet of pie dough.My ingredients are:
shredded cheddar cheese,cut mozzarella cheese, diced onion,green peas,cut cooked ham,cut scallion,clean shrimp and fish fillet.No salt or other seasoning needed.
You can put any of your favourite ingredients in your puff but remember if you add in raw meat ,you must precooked it first.As for my fish fillet and shrimp they are easily cook item,so I'm not worried about food poisoning or safety after baking for 25 minutes.
I cut the pie dough to 4 pieces..
This pie dough,ready make from store.Just roll out flat and cut to 4 pieces. This pie is store bought,it's must be chill when you make this puff,not frozen.If you're not in the mood to fold the edges,you can just make it as pie pot.
The result of the puff or pie are creamy and flaky.This Seafood Puff is not much different from my Seafood Pie..It's really easy to make..You can have Seafood Puff in 30 minutes!!!.
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Sambal Petai with Sotong (Spicy Sator Bean with Squid)

This is my first time cooking Sambal Petai with Squid..The petai is not really strong pungent smell,maybe it was overpower by the spicy sambal and sotong!!..
I used my ready home made sambal to cook this petai.You can find my sambal recipe HERE You can also use Delimas Stir Fry sauce if you happen to find one in your local asian market if not you can get from mytasteofasia online store..
This is the frozen petai or Sator bean which I bought from Asian market..Net weight about 229 gm for $2.95.Not bad... right?.
I used 3 tsp of my homemade sambal with 2 tsp oil in wok or skillet over high heat ..Since my sambal is precooked,I add about 4-5 whole medium clean squid cut and clean,one large onion quarted ,1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar,1 tsp tamarind powder and chicken powder stock.Stir fry for another 2-3 minutes before adding in petai..If you wanna you petai crunchy and green not soggy,don't cook too long.Maybe another 3 minutes.Then serve with steam white rice.
This is the finish product for a packet petai..I guess the oil from my sambal is fussing out after cooking.I didn't add any water,the liquid is from the squid itself..
Hubby ask me what is that ,pointing at the while I'm taking photo on the floor..yes on my kitchen floor..At last I know how to adjust the mode and light in my new Canon camera!!.Viola!!. this petai pix look better than other food pix.I told hubby "that is "nut"..dunno why I told him it's nut and later I told him correction it's "bean" NOT "nut" but didn't said it's stinky bean!!..He didn't complaint about petai stinky smell because I cooked him a big platter of paella!!.
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Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

I bought a pound of Chinese sausage when I was in Chinatown...The only menu I know for cooking Chinese sausage is Fried Rice!!..Of course ,there are plenty of other delicious recipe I can cook with Chinese sausage but never try it yet..Maybe one this good day,I will steam salted fish with Chinese sausage or cook claypot rice with Chinese sausage..
I used my leftover white steam rice for this yummy delicious fried rice.It's about 2 medium bowl.I prepared sliced boneless chicken,peel and clean 10-15 shrimp,3 egg,cut scallion ,green pea and Chinese sausage ...Since I used Chinese sausage as my ingredient,I didn't use any oil..After removed the Chinese sausage skin,cut and fried in high heat wok or skillet.Fried for 3-5 minutes or until brown.Removed Chinese sausage from wok,set aside.Add in the egg and scramble it for another 2 minutes.Removed the scramble egg ,then add in chicken and shrimp,stir for 2 minutes before add in the white rice.Reduce the heat to medium,add in fish sauce,chicken bouillon and some oyster sauce..Mixed it well and add all the other ingredients together.Stir fried for another 5 minutes,before serve.Sprinkle some cut scallion.
Note:I used Fish sauce to replaced salt or soy sauce..It's really good and less oil when I omit using any oil after cooking with Chinese sausage..I think we can also called this dish Chinese fried rice.In NYC Chinatown ,mostly all Chinese restaurant serve this kind of fried rice.
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Assorted Sushi and Rolls

I made all these sushi and rolls for hubby and Mishu.To my surprised ,Mishu love sushi and rolls like her daddy..I'm not expert in sushi making but I have watch sushi chef press their sushi rice and roll up their rolls years ago..Sushi chef will never let you touch their knife or standing in their spot while they make sushi..I guess it's have something to do with Japanese culture...Anyway,I try to take some photo step by step to show you how I made some sushi and rolls..
This platter of sushi contain fresh salmon(sake),fresh tuna(maguro) and fresh shrimp(ebi)
Although based on classic techniques and basic ingredients,in many ways,choice of topping,combinations,construction and technique.These represent a totally new way with sushi.
Tuna(maguro)..There is few type of tuna from Tuna family or part of the body..Such as White tuna,baby tuna, fatty tuna belly(toro),Ahi Tuna and so on..
How to make simple sushi?.With one finger,press about a tablespoon of vinegared sushi rice into a firm oval in the palm of your hand.Spread some wasabi but I omit it and place the chosen topping fish over that to cover the rice fairly neatly.
To cut your sushi,lightly cut the surface of tuna or salmon about 1/8 inch thick for each sliced.
I prepared all the sushi rice ,then arrange the fish topping on top each one...I understand these days new style ,the chef doesn't use nori(toasted seaweed) to hold the fish.
Rainbow Roll with some sashimi.
Rainbow's not really hard to make this roll..
1:You need a toasted nori sheet,place nori sheets stretching from you.Make sure you place the nori dull side facing upwards.
2:Spread the vinegared rice out evenly over the nori,but I prefer less rice,so I spread the rice lightly over the nori.Using one hand to prevent rice spilling over the end of nori,gently press down the rice with fingertips of your other hand.
3:Leave about 2 inch free on the far side,and 3/8 inch free on the side nearest to you.
4:Apply a streak of wasabi down the middle of the bed of vinegared rice but I omit wasabi inside my roll, that and then a line of chosen filling like avocado ,cucumber,egg,fish egg,sesame seed,cream cheese and your favourite fish.
5:Firmly roll up from the end nearest you,taking care not to squeeze out the contents.
6:Lay the cut fish on top of the roll as shown..Use saran film over the fish and firmly hold the bamboo roll to roll up.
7:Use sharp knife to cut into 6 or 8 pieces,removed the saran film and arrange on the plate.Then serve with some wasabi and soy sauce.Note:While cutting the sushi roll,slightly dampen a sharp knife and sliced carefully and firmly.
Assorted Deep Fried Roll...Use the same technique to roll up the roll.Coated in tempura batter to deep fried in clean oil for 15-20 min in medium heat.
Drizzle with some Japanese mayo and eel sauce on top but hubby was in hurry for his dinner.
I was talking over the phone while making these 2 rolls,so he just eat without the sauce.
This is how it look after deep fried.Cut it while it's still hot.This deep fried roll have to serve while it still warm.
These 2 rolls ready for coating in tempura batter.Make sure the nori are intact and no to break out during frying.If the nori break away from the roll and the ingredients full of oil,this roll should be throw away.
This is how it look inside before roll up..
You can create your own favourite ingredients.
Note:When spreading the vinegared rice over the nori,do not squash it too firmly
Wasabi powder..You need to mixed with cool water before adding in soy sauce.
All the prepared ingredients ready to go.....make sure you pat all your ingredients dry with paper towel first.If your ingredients are too wet,it's will dampen your nori.After cutting your cucumber, squeeze the water retention out of it as much as you can with paper towel.
You need all of these stuff prepared before you begin.
I bought this tuna at Trader's Joe.It's come in frozen but I thawed in chiller for a day.It's safe with vacuum pack...Let's try to make your own sushi and rolls at home.
Easy and simple..Enjoy and have fun!!
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