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Somen or Mee Sua?

Sōmen served in hot soup is usually called "nyumen," and is frequently served in the winter much like soba or udon would be.Sōmen (, Sōmen?) are very thin, white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour.Mee Sua is the Chinese longevity fine noodle.Does both Somen and Mee Sua look alike?.Yes,they come from same family but Somen texture and body is more bouncy than Mee Sua.In fact Mee Sua(mein sin) is really soft and disintegrate once it's add into the soup.Usually Chinese serve Mee Sua to their family or friends on their lunar calender Birthday. This Somen is made in China,even though it's have Japanese name.The cooking method is slightly different from Mee Sua.This brand have 5 bundle ,each bundle is good for one person.It's have cooking instruction on the back of the packaging.


2 bundle of Somen

2 liter water


2 liter water

1 cube shrimp bullion

1 tbsp chicken bullion powder

2 egg

1 bundle chives(clean and cut)

Fried Shallot

Pepper and salt to taste


1:Boil water (A) add in Somen in rolling boiled for 5 minutes.Removed Somen in a seived and let it run under cold water for 5 minutes.

2:Prepared (B) water at high heat,add in shrimp bullion cube and chicken powder as the soup stock.

3:Add in sliced tenderloin pork and chives.When the soup base is rolling boil,add in eggsand somen.Sprinkle some fried shallot before serve.Serve it hot or warm.


This somen is suitable to serve as Mee Sua.Honestly I prefer Somen than Mee Sua because it's have better texture and tenderness when add into soup.

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Anonymous said...
June 13, 2008 at 7:53 AM

oh i love them both!!

Anonymous said...
June 14, 2008 at 1:49 PM

Oh man, I always thought somen and mee sua are the same thing. :P I love them both too!

Anonymous said...
June 14, 2008 at 7:17 PM

This dish looks like something we have on birthdays! Mee sua + egg!

Anonymous said...
June 15, 2008 at 3:08 AM

Thank you:P

I guess we call them both sis and bro,basiclly they are same.

Yes,that what I created,mee sua Birthday dish!!lol!

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